Bridges Adult Day Service – FAQs

If your loved one requires a little extra assistance or would benefit from socialization during daytime hours, Bridges Adult Day Service is here to help. For answers to our most frequently asked questions, please read below.

How much does adult day service cost?

Bridges Adult Day Service is an affordable alternative to other long-term care options. The cost for three or less hours spent at Bridges in one day is $35. A full day costs $72. Both Medical and Veteran waivers are accepted at Bridges.

What are the hours of operation?

Bridges Adult Day Service is open Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Does my loved one have to come every day?

No. Clients may schedule to attend anywhere from one to five days per week. Drop-in clients are also accepted, dependent upon staffing.

How do I make an appointment for my loved one?

To make an appointment, call 726-1116. Before your loved one may attend Bridges, a needs assessment must be completed.

Are there any requirements to attend?

Bridges is recommended for clients who suffer from functional impairment or who are unable to be home alone. The facility is handicapped accessible with a ramp and an elevator. A preliminary needs assessment by our staff is required.

Is transportation to and from Bridges provided?

Yes! If needed, we work with clients to set up transportation services through TAWC’s Shared Ride Program.

What does my loved one need to bring?

All clients should bring a change of clothing to leave at the facility, incontinent products, medications (in original containers only) and personal hygiene products if bathing will be done while at the facility.

Are meals provided?

A continental breakfast is provided for our morning clients, and a hot lunch is provided to those clients staying for four or more hours. Snacks are available between meals.

What will my  loved one do while at Bridges?

Bridges provides a structured setting with many planned activities (both individual and group), including: visiting, reminiscing and sharing, playing games, community outings, cooking groups, etc. Our motto is: Have fun and stay busy! A bathing facility and assistance are also available.

What kind of care will my loved one receive?

A Registered Nurse is available to provide nursing service for wounds, ostomies, catheters, etc. Most additional staff consists of state-tested Nursing Assistants who can assist with all activities of daily living (personal care and bathing). Staff members also have experience in activities and planning to keep clients busy.

Why do my loved one and I need Bridges?

Bridges allows adults who need supervised care during the day to remain in their home for as long as possible, rather than being placed in an institutional setting. Bridges also allows caregivers to continue to have time outside of the home by offering safe, structured activities and less isolation time for their loved one.