Rouse Home – FAQs

The process of searching for a skilled nursing care facility can be both emotional and difficult. With this process comes many questions and concerns about the choices you make for your future, or the future of your loved one. With over 150 years of experience in caring for the generations of Warren County and beyond, Rouse employs experts in all disciplines of care that are prepared to answer your questions. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is the Rouse Home?

The Rouse Home is a skilled nursing care facility that offers both short- and long-term care for individuals who need rehabilitative services or who suffer from serious or persistent healthcare issues that are too difficult to be managed at home or in a personal care setting. All skilled nursing care facilities are licensed and regulated by the Department of Public Health.

When should I consider the Rouse Home for my loved one?

When our loved ones age, maintaining a good quality of life and to living independently can become difficult. When the ability to perform activities of daily living, such as bathing and eating, becomes overwhelming, it is time to consider admission to a personal care or skilled nursing care facility. Skilled nursing care facilities also provide intensive short-term rehabilitation.

Does Admission to the Rouse Home require a doctor’s order?

Yes. Admission to the Rouse Home requires a doctor’s order. Typically, individuals are admitted after a hospital stay, from their home or from a personal care or assisted living facility. In each case, families usually work with their loved one’s doctor to determine when the time is right.

How are services at the Rouse Home paid for?

Several payment options are available depending upon your loved one’s situation. For more information on payment options, please contact our Admissions Department at 814-563-7565.

Who are the primary service providers at the Rouse Home?

The Rouse Home takes pride in our caring and professional staff. In total, we employ over 300 individuals who comprise our Nursing, Social Services, Activity, Dietary, Environmental, Maintenance and Administrative staff.

Is a doctor available during emergency situations?

Yes. A doctor is readily available in emergency situations.

How are residents and families involved in Care Plans?

When your loved one first enters the Rouse Home, an assessment of his or her level of function and social, mental and medical condition is conducted. A subsequent Care Plan is developed, and focuses on functionality at the highest possible level. Each resident’s Care Plan is regularly reviewed and revised. Family is strongly encouraged to participate in Care Plan meetings.

What room options are available at the Rouse Home?

The Rouse Home offers both semi-private and private rooms. In a semi-private room, your loved one will have a roommate. We do our absolute best to match roommates with compatible personalities and interests.

What items should my loved one bring with them to the Rouse Home?

Your loved one should bring enough clothing to last between five and ten days. Upon entering the Rouse Home, your loved one’s belongings will be marked so that they can be easily identified.

How often am I able to visit my loved one?

The Rouse Home’s visiting hours are 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We encourage family to visit as often as possible!

Am I responsible for my loved one’s laundry?

No. Laundry services are included at no additional cost.

Are pets allowed?

Cats and dogs with records of their up-to-date vaccinations are always welcome to visit, however they are not permitted to stay with your loved one.

Is transportation to outside appointments provided?

Arrangements to outside appointments can be made through our Transportation Department. Family is always encouraged to ride along to these appointments.

What types of activities take place at the Rouse Home?

At the Rouse Home, we believe that social needs are critical to a person’s well-being. Multiple activities are offered daily, ensuring that your loved one maintains a high-quality social life. Our daily activities may feature things such as trivia, cooking, music, spiritual activities, family nights, outdoor activities, intergenerational programs, and more.

In addition to the daily activities that take place inside of the Rouse Home, we regularly offer outings to local restaurants, theater shows, picnics and more using our handicap-accessible vehicles.

Am I able to take my loved one out for the day?

Yes, if medically appropriate and approved by the attending physician, your loved one may be taken outside of the Rouse Home for the day. Contact your loved one’s Social Worker for more information on this process.

How often are meals served?

The Rouse Home serves three daily meals, with snacks available in-between. All meals are served based upon the dietary needs of your loved one.

Are therapies provided?

The Rouse Home employs Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists. Each of our residents is evaluated and placed on an appropriate therapy program. To learn more, contact our Therapy Department