Suites at Rouse – FAQs

The process of searching for a personal care home can be daunting. With this search come many questions and concerns about the choices you make for your future. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Should you have additional questions, we always happy to provide answers.

What is personal care?

Personal care is a unique combination of housing, personalized supportive services and health care designed to meet the individual needs of those who require help with activities of daily living. Personal care promotes maximum independence and dignity for each resident and encourages the involvement of a resident’s family, neighbors and friends. Staff is available 24 hours to meet both scheduled and unscheduled needs.

What is the difference between a nursing home and a personal care home?

Nursing homes are licensed medical facilities that are inspected and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. They must meet both state and federal standards. There are third party reimbursement mechanisms for services, including both Medicare and Medicaid.

Personal care homes are residential facilities that offer care services, assistance and supervision to four or more persons who are not relatives of the operator and who need and receive personal care services. They are licensed in the Commonwealth through the Department of Public Welfare.

Do personal care homes have to hire licensed staff?

Many personal care homes do employ doctors, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants and licensed practical nurses to assist in service provision for the residents, but it is not a requirement. The Suites at Rouse does have a registered nurse and certified medication technicians on staff to provide the best quality of care in a residential setting.

Does Medicare pay for care in a personal care home?

No. The Medicare program can only be used as a source of payment for skilled nursing care. Eligibility requirements, as defined by Medicare, are strict and will not cover intermediate or personal care.

Will the daily rate cover all personal care services?

In general, our daily rate covers care and services provided by the Suites at Rouse. The daily rate does not cover physician visits, the cost of medications, transportation, telephone services or cable services. It is possible that your insurance may cover professional healthcare services. Please contact us to discuss our daily rate schedule and a breakdown of our services.

Is personal care assistance available?

Yes. Personal care services can be added for a monthly fee. Nursing staff can provide additional support such as administering medications or helping with bathing, dressing and grooming.

Does the Suites at Rouse have an admission fee?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

Must I surrender all of my assets in order to be cared for by the Suites at Rouse?

No. You will only be billed for the care and services you receive.

Will I be in control of my own financial resources?

Yes. Residents or responsible parties are in control of their financial resources.

How do I know what services the Suites at Rouse provides for its residents?

Please take a few moments to explore out website. It will provide a clear picture of the services provided by the Suites at Rouse. You may also contact us at any time to discuss our services in detail.

What are the roles of the resident’s family and friends?

Family members and friends should focus on the personal care home as just that – “home.” The families and friends of our residents play an integral role in partnering with us to meet the emotional, social, spiritual and physical needs of the resident. Regular visits, invitations to family gatherings and outings, phone calls, attention to clothing needs and participation with the resident in family functions are some things that family members and friends can do to enhance the quality of a resident’s life.

Can I leave the premises after becoming a resident?

Yes. The Suites at Rouse is your home, you may come and go as you please.

Can I bring my own vehicle?

Yes. A valid driver’s license, current registration and proof of insurance are required.

Can the Suites at Rouse accommodate special diet requests?

Yes. We can accommodate low sodium, low fat and diabetic diets.

Are pets permitted?

Yes. Cats, dogs, fish and small birds are welcome.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss room size and measurements.