COVID-19 Precautions

Rouse Home

Per updated guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Rouse Home is now open for in-person visitation. Visitation for residents on COVID-19 quarantine or isolation precautions is not recommended. If you have any questions please call 814-563-7565. Thank You.

Visitation Policy Letter
Visitation Policy Rules

Suites at Rouse

As of May 24, 2022 the Suites at Rouse is now under Outbreak Status due to Positive Cases of COVID-19 identified among staff and residents.

Zones: Red (COVID + and in isolation), YELLOW (potentially exposed and in quarantine), GREEN (no exposure)

Activities: Until further notice, all communal activities are on hold. Residents are allowed to walk the halls and go outside.

Dining: Until further notice, communal dining is on hold. Residents are instructed to stay their apartment for all meals.

Testing (Residents): Testing of all residents will occur once a week. Testing will be in their apartments.  Residents are also encourage to wear a mask when leaving their apartments.

Testing (Staff): All staff will be tested twice per week.

Visitors: Visitation is allowed in  apartments only. Visitors must enter and exit at the Atrium door. Visitors must screen and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Leaving the Building:  Residents are allowed to leave the building for medical and personal outings. Residents are encouraged to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Any resident leaving the Suites for an outing must exit/enter through the Atrium door. They must sign in and sign out.

Memory Care: Any resident, visitor or staff must use the Atrium door to enter the Suites and to get into Memory Care. The back door is not to be used for picking up or dropping off residents or items. The Atrium door must be used due to screening purposes. 

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