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Sensory Magic

Multi-Sensory Experiences

The Suites at Rouse Memory Care features a dedicated multi-sensory environment. The Snoezelen Sensory Magic creates fully immersive themes to match the preferences of the person using the sensory environment. Sensory Magic offers the individual a safe sensory environment which is structured and predictable, providing direct and indirect stimulation using vision, sound, smell, taste, touch, and movement. The sensory room can be set according to each individual’s needs and preferences. A key function of Sensory Magic is its potential to alter an individual’s mood through the use of color, light, sound, and stimulating visual images. Individuals can be immersed in a virtual reality experience honed to their own needs and preferences. Individuals can be calmed by images and sounds from nature, relaxing classical or meditation style music, or distracted by humorous videos.

Dementia conditions present problems with thinking, mood, behavior, and the ability to take part in everyday activities. If no suitable activities are provided, those living with dementia may become increasingly isolated, frustrated, bored, and unhappy. Sensory activities provide a level of stimulation, which increase awareness and attention due to the simplicity of the task. Matching the sensory demand of the activity with a well-designed environment will help the person with dementia to take part. Auditory stimulation is also very effective for mood enhancement, relaxation, and cognition. The multi-sensory environment can help with behavior issues, appetites, and the effects of sundown syndrome.