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Household Concept

Person-Centered Care

Born from the culture change movement, Person-Centered Care transforms the traditional long-term care model from a medical facility to a supportive home environment. Person-Centered Care nurtures the spirit of aging residents by focusing on both quality of care and quality of life.

Benefits of person-centered care

  • Respects the rights of the resident to make his or her own decisions, and honors his or her need for control over daily life choices
  • Encourages a personalized home atmosphere
  • Increases life expectancy
  • Improves mental health
  • Reduces feelings of helplessness

The household concept

The Household Concept is a shift from a hospital or medical-based model of care to a consumer-driven model, with structural facility changes, to create a more home-like environment. In order to create a Household Concept at the Rouse Home, our 176-bed facility is divided into seven separate halls, or households. Each household contains a dining facility and lounge area. Therefore, residents live and dine with a much smaller and more intimate group of fellow residents than they would in a facility that is a medical-based model.

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