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Frequently Asked Questions

The process of searching for a personal care home can be daunting. With this search come many questions and concerns about the choices you make for your future. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Should you have additional questions, we always happy to provide answers.

  • What is personal care?
  • What is the difference between a nursing home and a personal care home?
  • Do personal care homes have to hire licensed staff?
  • Do personal care homes have to hire licensed staff?
  • Will the daily rate cover all personal care services?
  • How do I pay?
  • Is personal care assistance available?
  • Does the Suites at Rouse have an admission fee?
  • Must I surrender all of my assets in order to be cared for by the Suites at Rouse?
  • Will I be in control of my own financial resources?
  • How do I know what services the Suites at Rouse provides for its residents?
  • What are the roles of the resident’s family and friends?
  • Can I leave the premises after becoming a resident?
  • Can I bring my own vehicle?
  • Are pets permitted?
  • Can I bring my own furniture?
  • Do you provide respite stays?