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What if you could stay connected to your family, easily and efficiently, giving them a firsthand look at your Rouse experience and sharing the latest developments? Or, as a Rouse family member, imagine being able to stay engaged and in touch with your loved one and his or her caregivers from anywhere. LifeLoop gives you that power.

LifeLoop is an easy-to-use lifestyle management and resident engagement application that connects Rouse families, residents and staff – helping to instill confidence and trust, while improving communication and enhancing lives.

Key Features

  • Community calendars and the ability to RSVP for events and activities
  • A family gateway that streamlines photo sharing and phone calls
  • Engagement tools to inform community staff of a resident’s interests and general wellness
  • Maintenance and Transportation request portals to keep life moving smoothly
  • And so much more in an simple-to-use, easy-to-read, can’t-live-without format

Benefits to Residents and Family Members

  • Gives residents an engaging way to keep family members in the know about daily life at Rouse
  • Offers families added peace of mind through weekly updates on activity engagement and convenient messaging
  • Helps staff members easily connect with family for a stronger, more reliable flow of communication

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