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Skilled Nursing Care

What is a skilled nursing care facility?

A skilled nursing care facility offers both short- and long-term care for individuals who need rehabilitative services or who suffer from serious or persistent healthcare issues that are too difficult to be managed at home or in a personal care setting. All skilled nursing care facilities are licensed and regulated by the Department of Public Health.

What services are offered at a skilled nursing care facility?

Skilled nursing care facilities provide round-the-clock skilled nursing care, housekeeping and custodial services. Skilled nursing care involves trained professionals performing services that are needed due to an injury or illness, including:

  • a nurse attending to a post-operative wound or dispensing and monitoring intravenous medications
  • a physical therapist working with an individual to rectify strength and balance issues
  • a speech therapist assisting an individual in reclaiming his or her ability to communicate following a stroke
  • an occupational therapist helping an individual to become independent again, particularly when it comes to dressing, personal hygiene and eating

Why should I choose the Rouse Home skilled nursing care facility?

Whether you’re seeking intensive rehabilitation to help you recover after surgery, an accident, a cardiac event or a stroke, or long-term, skilled nursing care, the Rouse Home’s dedicated team offers a continuum of care focused on treating the individual. The Rouse Home prides itself on offering individuals of all ages and ailments a beautiful, clean and safe place to call home!

Contact the Rouse

The Rouse Home has an emergency management  plan in place which includes policies and procedures related to events which may affect operations of our facilities. These procedures include disaster preparedness, evacuations and infection control. If you have any questions or concerns please contact The Rouse Home at 814-563-7565.


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