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Giving A Little Back

Giving A Little Back

Brain Ferry

Tuesday Feb 16th, 2021

Under normal conditions, health care workers don’t have it easy.

In a nursing home during a pandemic, the stress can be overwhelming.

A quiet community effort raised $1,700 for care packages in order to extend thanks to those who are providing care day-in and day-out at the Rouse Home.

Kelly Sullivan is no stranger to what a nurse goes through.

She has served in health care at Warren General Hospital and Warren State Hospital.

She knew what things were like for the staff at the Rouse. Her sister, Krystal Mummolo, is the infectious disease nurse there. “We talked,” Sullivan said. “We were each other’s support system.”
When nurses have to quarantine, other nurses pick up the slack.

As the percentage of residents with COVID went up over time, the amount of required testing also went up. And, those results have to be sent to the state in short order.

“That’s falling on the nursing staff,” Sullivan said.