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Blue Morning performs at the Rouse Home

Friday Jul 19th, 2019

Wednesday’s rain showers almost foiled Blue Morning’s performance at the Suites at Rouse in Youngsville, but the sky broke and the show went on.

Not without a hitch, though. Despite an extensive sound check, lead vocalist Jim Cheronis’ mic was on mute for the first song.

Blue Morning’s performance comes as part of a line up in the Suites at Rouse’s summer concert series. They are a tribute band to Foreigner, an English-American rockband.

Foreigner has sold over 80 million records. Lead singer Lou Gramm has sold 20 million records in his solo career.

“I thought, are people going to like the music, and then I thought I just got my AARP card last week so,” said Cheronis.

Rouse employees walked around handing out frisbees that resembled records to crowd members.

Pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers were available for purchase. There was even two different kinds of beer available for purchase.

When Blue Morning played “Girl Like You,” three couples took to the dance floor. Other songs brought more folks to the dance floor to show off some moves.

Cheronis paid tribute to Lou Gramm with singing “Just Between You and Me,” a song from his solo career.